Asynchronous Conversations

We have conversations about things that matter at a pace we can handle. These conversations are meant to be reflective and we like to give time to respond thoughtfully and understand each other's points. We like to think deeply about what is being said instead of waiting to respond and therefore, this disconnected (asynchronous) method works well for us. Additional material by Asynchronous Conversations members:

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Saturday Feb 27, 2021

Reflecting on how to expand thinking from being a 'System Thinker' to being a 'Systems Thinker' and utilizing 'Systematic Thinking'.  For referenced material see: O.G. Rose: Systems Think Before Systematically Thinking

Tuesday Feb 02, 2021

Building upon the themes of the book 'Intellectuals', we get into ideas of rationalism, systems, choice, and more.

Tuesday Feb 02, 2021

Welcome to Asynchronous Conversations. We engage in back and forth babble about a myriad of topics.  We think deeply and enjoy the time to reflect on each other's comments before creating a response.

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